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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why should I choose a stainless steel kitchen?

    Stainless Steel is not only rust resistant, bacteria resistant, mold resistant, and stain resistant, but it is also extremely eye-catching. Stainless steel finishes never rub off, change color and will outlast traditional wood cabinetry.

  • How do I clean my stainless steel kitchen?

    Though it is tempting to pick up a chemical cleaner, that is not needed with our cabinetry. At most, white vinegar is all that is needed. Chemical cleaners have the potential to discolor, or even etch the stainless steel. Most of the time clean fresh water and a little dish soap will take care of any messes. If you do require a little more strength, there are several cleaners designed specifically for stainless steel.

  • Is stainless steel more sanitary than a traditional kitchen?

    Stainless Steel is a non-porous material, so unlike wood cabinets, liquids cannot seep into the metal. When properly cleaned and maintained, stainless steel surfaces resist growth of bacteria, mold and microorganisms that can cause disease. This is one of the primary reasons that stainless steel is used in the medical and food industries. If you desire a clean and sanitary kitchen, stainless steel is a fantastic choice!

  • Will my stainless steel cabinets rust?

    Stainless Steel is extremely resistant to corrosion of any kind thanks to its additional chromium content. We use a high chromium content, #304 stainless steel. However, it is not “rust proof”. Saltwater and coastal air can cause surface corrosion. With proper care, such as rinsing it with fresh water, it will last a lifetime.

  • Do you work in commercial spaces?

    Yes, we help create stainless steel cabinets for residential, commercial and outdoor spaces.

  • What gauge stainless steel do you use for your cabinets?

    Our 18 gauge cabinets provide extra durability and resistance as compared to 20 gauge used by most in the industry (18 gauge is 30% heavier than 20 gauge).

  • Do you install my stainless steel cabinets?

    No, you will need your own contractor for installation of the stainless steel cabinets.

  • Will you help me design my stainless steel kitchen?

    Yes, we would be more than happy to assist you in designing your project. If you would like help, please fill out the contact form below and we will be more than happy to provide you with design help and pricing.